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Vu Phuong, Vietnam

Director, Antiantiart 

Art Director, Nirvan 

Inspiring person, WeChoice Awards 2023 

Phuong Vu is a director or, more broadly, a visual artist behind several highly acclaimed videos, including "Hoa Xuân Ca" (collaboration with VTV), the flight safety video for Vietnam Airlines, Bitis commercials, "Con Rồng Cháu Tiên" (part of Apple's #ShotOnIphone campaign in the summer of 2023), and numerous high-profile music videos for Vietnamese artists. 

His works share a common denominator: a visually explosive impact from the first experience. This can be seen in the fast-paced rhythm, the adept storytelling combining various cultural and artistic elements, or the spectacular and grandiose visualizations. 

Considered one of the prominent representatives of the young creative community in Vietnam, Phuong Vu has been honored as the Inspiring person at the WeChoice Awards in 2023. 

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