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Top 20 favorite fashion designers in Vietnam, Heritage Fashion Magazine

Vungoc&Son is the collective name for the Vietnamese fashion designer duo consisting of Vũ Ngọc Tú and Đinh Trường Tùng. It is also the fashion brand owned and co-founded by both designers. 


Considered the "colorful wizard duo" of the Vietnamese fashion scene, Vungoc&Son is noted for their designs that make a mark with a series of pop art-inspired outfits featuring vibrant colors and lively patterns, blending the cultures of the East and the West. 


Since 2019, the duo has focused on choosing historical and cultural venues for the debut and presentation of their new fashion collections, aiming to promote Vietnam's tourism industry. Their works have been showcased at various events both domestically and internationally, with a notable international event being the "Childhood Memories" fashion show (2020) in New York, USA. 


Vungoc&Son was voted by Heritage Fashion magazine as one of the top 20 favorite fashion designers in Vietnam and was honored during the magazine's 20th-anniversary celebration. Their “Vàng Son" Collection shoot in Huế, featuring the presence of Miss Tran Tieu Vy, was chosen to represent the cover of the magazine's 20-year celebration. 


Vu Ngoc & Son, Vietnam

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