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Director of Graduate Studies / Percey F. Smith Professor of Mathematics / Professor of Statistics & Data Science, Yale University

Scientific Director of VinBigData Big Data Research Institute of Vingroup corporation

Honorary member of the Institute of Mathematical Statistics (IMS)

Professor Vu Ha Van is a Vietnamese mathematician currently serving as a mathematics professor at Yale University, United States, and the Director of Science at VinBigData Research Institute, a part of Vingroup Corporation. He is also an honorary member of the American Mathematical Society and the Institute of Mathematical Statistics (IMS). 


In terms of scientific achievements, in 2002, Professor Vu Ha Van received the Sloan Fellowship and NSF Career Award, prestigious awards for young scientists in the United States. In 2008, he was awarded the Pólya Prize (SIAM) by the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics for his research on concentration of measure. In 2014, he continued to receive the Fulkerson Prize from the American Mathematical Society (along with J. Kahn and A. Johansson) for solving the Shamir problem in graph theory. The same year, Professor Vu Ha Van became an honorary member of the American Mathematical Society. He presented papers at the World Mathematical Congress (Seoul, 2014) and the World Statistics Congress (Istanbul, 2012). In 2020, Professor Vu Ha Van was elected as an Honorary Fellow by the International Statistical Institute. 


In 2018, Professor Vu Ha Van made the decision to join Vingroup Corporation and was one of the pioneering individuals who laid the foundation for the establishment and development of VinBigData Research Institute, focusing on big data research in Vietnam. 

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Vu Ha Van (ONLINE),
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