Side Events

VGLF 2019

In context of globalization, an international competition among nations is increasing, nations with solid foundation are continuously boosting the economy by connecting talents from all over the world. This connection helps nations with gathering the most successful professionals in diverse fields to join hand to develop motherland.

Recognizing important benefits, Vietnam is following this trend by creating “international talents network”. Aiming to promote position in the international economic ranking, Vietnam Global Leaders Forum – VGLF is organized to found a solid connection among Vietnamese talents living and working abroad. During two days of event, besides specialized meeting, VGLF also organizes a series of side events.

Gala Dinner

After the first working day (30/03/2019), guests and participants are going to be invited to dinner on boat on Seine River. This is a special event with the presence of talents coming from diverse field. We can not only spend time enjoying arts of cuisine and beauty of Paris in night lights but also exchange, inspire and motivate.

B2B Meetings

To support and enhance collaboration, in the second day of event (31/03/2019), after announcing the establishment of network, VGLF organizes meetings inviting guests, participants and leading firms in France and Europe. Including (but not only):

  • EuroGroupConsulting
  • Institut d’aménagement et d’urbanisme de la région d’Ile-de-France‏
  • Business France
  • CEN Group
  • Le Invest (Holdings) Corporation
  • Da Nang People Committee

Startup Club

Helping young generation with opportunities in learning from and sharing with experts and investors is one of GVLF’s objectives. In the afternoon 31/03/2019, the meeting is hold with presence of

  • HUYNH Thanh Long, Chairman andCEO of QuantCube Technology
  • PHAM Thanh Hung (Shark), Vice Chairman of Cen Group
  • PHAN Chinh, CEO of INTEK Vietnam
  • TRAN Tai, CEO of Grove, Forbes 30 Under 30, LinkedIn Top Voice, Community Pollinator
  • VÕ-REINHARD Quy, Chief Data Officer & Co-Founder HIT Foundation
  • VU Thuc,Co-Founder & CEO of Kambria
  • VNPT Representative (TBC)

Cultural Exchange

Culture is a crucial element to connect with international human resource. Activities of modern Vietnamese artists will shorten the distance between the Vietnamese community in Europe and homeland

DANG Thi Ngoc Han, Miss Vietnam 2010, NGOC HAN Fashion

NGUYEN Xuan Bac, Deputy Director of Vietnam Theater, Group Leader

HOANG Phan Anh, MC, Actor

NGUYEN Thu Huong, Founder & CEO Women Leaders Forum

Jessica Minh Anh NGUYEN, Fashion Show Producer, Supermodel

NGUYEN Quoc Trung, Composer, Producer, Vietnam

NGO Hong Quang, Traditional musician, Netherlands

The forum is closed by the show “Ngheu, So, Oc, Hen” performed by actors from Vietnam Drama Theater