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Vice President, Vietnam Cinema Association 

Quyen Linh is an actor, comedian, monologue artist, and television host from Vietnam. With his talent and genuine, unassuming demeanor, he has earned the affection of many Vietnamese audiences. He is an artist who has received numerous Mai Vang Awards, with a total of 6 awards. 


In addition, he is admired for actively participating in charitable activities. The programs that Quyen Linh engages in aim to provide assistance to those facing difficulties and are warmly embraced by the audience, such as "Vượt lên chính mình" (Overcoming Oneself) and "Vì bạn xứng đáng" (For You Deserve). 


Currently, Quyen Linh is Vice President of the Vietnam Cinema Association. 

Quyền Linh.jpg

Quyen Linh, Vietnam

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