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Vietnam Global Leaders Forum will take place in Paris

Updated: Mar 17

According to a Vietnam News Agency correspondent in France, with the theme "Vietnam Thriving in Change", the Vietnam Global Leaders Forum 2024 - VGLF 2024 will take place two days from March 30 to 31 in Paris (France).

Mr. Nguyen Duc Khuong, President of the Association of Vietnamese Scientists and Experts, delivered the opening speech of the Vietnam Global Leaders Forum 2019. Photo: Linh Huong/VNA

This is the second time the event has been organized under the initiative of AVSE Global, with the desire to create a network of successful and influential Vietnamese people across the globe, in many different fields, thereby gathering resources and bringing practical actions to the country.

Mr. Nguyen Duc Khuong, President of AVSE Global shared: "We want to gather successful Vietnamese people, have good working positions, have influence, and have a desire to enthusiastically contribute to Vietnam." With multi-dimensional views and short- and long-term actions, through specific projects, all will realize the awakening of national potential, raising Vietnam's position on world geopolitics.

Held for the first time in Spring of 2019, the first Vietnam Global Leaders Forum (VGLF 2019) was a resounding success with the theme "Brand Vietnam". The event fulfilled its mission of laying the foundation for the process of gathering the elites and resources of Vietnamese people globally, working together for the development of Vietnamese brands. VGLF 2019 attracted the participation of more than 200 honored guests, more than 20 Vietnamese and international delegations, marking the birth of Vietnam Global Leaders Networks - VGLN, bringing present strategies and proposals at the national level for the development of bringing Vietnam's value brand to the international arena.

In continuation of the achievement in 2019, the Forum will be an inspiring place for 100 eminent international and national Vietnamese influencers in a wide range of fields to meet, discuss, and initiate innovative approaches and strategies for the sustainable development of Vietnam. VGLF 2024 for a thriving Vietnam will provide every delegate with a vital platform to showcase leadership and talent for fostering ongoing efforts toward a prosperous Vietnam, committed to acting for a thriving Vietnam amidst the world's dynamics. The Forum will also be honored to host representatives from domestic and international organizations, enterprises, etc.

According to a representative of AVSE Global, the organizer of VGLF 2024, the journey called "Vietnam Thriving in Change" will be an opportunity for influential Vietnamese people to work together to carry out the mission of the game changers for the country, bringing positive influences to Vietnam.

VGLF 2024 will center around the overarching theme of "Vietnam Thriving in Change", focusing on three key inquiries: first, the means to unite resources to awaken national potential and facilitate growth, second, how to enhance Vietnam's global standing, and third, "How to harness and utilize the keys to success for breakthrough".

From there, it spreads and strongly inspires Vietnamese people who follow this journey, and together arouse solidarity for a Vietnam that thrives in change. AVSE Global hopes that with the mission and vision of this year's program, the success of the Vietnam Global Leaders Forum 2024 will be a pivotal step in a long-term national strategy to attract and connect Vietnamese talent, and foreigners around the world, putting Vietnam firmly on the path to developing a knowledge economy, affirming Vietnam's position in the international arena.

AVSE Global (Association of Vietnamese Scientists and Experts) is a Paris-headquartered nonprofit organization connecting Vietnamese intellectuals, senior experts, and scientists worldwide. Relying on over 300 permanent members in more than 20 countries regularly working on strategic projects and collaborating with 2000+ collaborative experts and 10000+ connected experts, AVSE Global implements strategic programs and projects promoting Vietnam's sustainable development through 12 professional networks, 10+ annual international conferences and policy forums, 20+ top-level executive training programs, 10+ advisory projects including socio-economic development planning for provinces, and specialized reports on various important topics such as national brand, education and training, talent attraction, economy and finance, sustainable urban planning and development, digital transformation, innovation, and energy transition.

Phóng viên: Thu Hà (TTXVN)


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