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Vietnam Global Leaders Forum 2024 Overview

Paris, France – The esteemed Vietnam Global Leaders Forum 2024 (VGLF 2024) is set to ignite the City of Lights on the 30th and 31st of March at the prestigious Maison de l'Amérique Latine. This year's theme, "Vietnam Thriving in Change," promises to be a beacon for thought leaders and changemakers from across the globe.

A Convergence of Minds and Cultures

VGLF 2024 will be a melting pot of ideas, with over 20 countries represented, including powerhouses like the US, UK, France, Switzerland, Japan, and Singapore. The forum will showcase a line up of Vietnamese and Vietnamese-origin luminaries, recipients of the world's most coveted accolades such as the Nobel Prize, Fields Medal, and the Knight of the Legion of Honour.

Distinguished Speakers, Ground breaking Dialogues

Prepare to be inspired by the likes of Hamilton Mann, digital visionary and Group Vice President at Thales; Thanh Vu, the indomitable Deca Ultra Triathlon World Champion; and Ha Duong Minh, Contributing Author to the IPCC, co-awarded the Nobel Prize for Peace in 2007 & Research Director at CNRS. They will lead riveting discussions on harnessing collective strength, elevating Vietnam's international presence, and unlocking the secrets to ground breaking success.

A Legacy of Innovation and Unity

Building on the momentum of 2019, VGLF 2024 is more than an event—it's a strategic movement. It's about forging alliances and rekindling the spirit of unity to overcome obstacles and seize opportunities, propelling Vietnam towards a future rich with innovation and prosperity.

Vietnam Global Leaders Forum 2024 is accompanied by Vietnam Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (Agribank) and a number of other corporations and businesses to symbolize the spirit of adapting and growing in an ever-changing environment.

Together, let's fulfill the mission of acting for the sustainable development of Vietnam. Welcome to Vietnam Global Leaders Forum - VGLF Paris 2024, where the spirit of growth and transformation thrives.


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