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Outstanding Vietnamese people meet in France to discuss raising Vietnam's status

Updated: Mar 17

100 outstanding Vietnamese and Vietnamese people from more than 20 countries will meet at the Influential Vietnamese Forum 2024 (Vietnam Global Leaders Forum 2024 - VGLF 2024), held in France at the end of March.

Outstanding Vietnamese people will meet in France to exchange ideas and contribute ideas to elevate Vietnam's status - Photo: VGLF

The Vietnam Global Leaders Forum 2024 (VGLF 2024) will take place on March 2024 and 30, 31 in Paris, according to Association of Vietnamese Scientists and Experts (AVSE Global), France.

Starting in Paris in the spring of 2019, the first Influential Vietnamese Forum (VGLF 2019) took place successfully with the theme "Brand Vietnam", with the participation of more than 200 people honored guests, more than 20 Vietnamese and international delegations.

Following this success, VGLF 2024 will welcome 100 outstanding Vietnamese and Vietnamese people from more than 20 countries, with global influence in all fields. They are outstanding Vietnamese people, owners of international awards, businessmen, and major investors. At the same time, they are also experts, scientists with many achievements, writers and artists...

The Forum was also honored to welcome representatives of the Government, agencies, organizations, and domestic and international media.

Mr. Nguyen Duc Khuong - president of AVSE Global - said that with the ambition to bring the "brain matter" of Vietnamese people back to the source, the forum hopes to bring together successful Vietnamese people with good working positions and influence. enjoy and have the desire to contribute enthusiastically to Vietnam.

According to Mr. Khuong, with multi-dimensional views, short- and long-term actions, through specific projects, all will realize the awakening of national potential and elevate Vietnam's position on the map. World economic and geopolitical map.

This year, the forum will focus on specific, topical stories, expressing the country's concerns in the world context to answer big questions: How to connect resources diversity and strength of Vietnamese people globally, promoting potential and development at home and abroad? How to elevate Vietnam's position compared to the world through the right directions absorbed and integrated from multi-dimensional perspectives from domestic and international sources? How to use the keys to successes that have been summarized or pioneered to bring Vietnam to a breakthrough?

According to a representative of AVSE Global, the journey called "Vietnam Thriving in Change" will be an opportunity for influential Vietnamese people to work together to carry out the mission of game changers for the country, bringing to positive impacts for Vietnam.

AVSE Global – Association of Vietnamese Scientists and Experts – is a non-profit organization headquartered in Paris, bringing together intellectuals, senior experts, and prestigious scientists in many fields in a global scope.

AVSE Global implements strategic programs and projects that promote Vietnam's sustainable development and prosperity through 12 expert networks, annual international policy conferences and forums, and training programs at high level…

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