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Launching the first book on Vietnam Brand from a practical perspective

The book was written by Mrs. Tran Tue Tri – an expert with 25 years of experience in marketing and branding in the retail industry.

Book launch event Brand Vietnam – The Moment

The book "Brand Vietnam – The Moment" by Mrs. Tran Tue Tri has been released. This book launch event is an event co-organised by the Association of Vietnamese Scientists and Experts (AVSE Global), Vietnam Brand Purpose, and Mrs. Tran Tue Tri – Branding Expert, General Director of Pharmacity, under the auspices of Mr. State Committee on Overseas Vietnamese, under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

More than 120 guests attending the book launch have various profiles: representatives of state agencies; experts in different fields; leaders of large businesses and organisations; leaders of large corporations investing in Vietnam; along with speakers who are experts in branding and influential people.

The first book on Vietnam's national brand from a practical perspective was published to spread awareness of how important it is to build a strong national brand and advocate for promoting a nation's brand. Initiatives on building a national brand allow the country to elevate the Vietnamese brand and affirm its position in the global economy.

Mrs. Tran Tue Tri is also the Director of Branding at AVSE Global

Mrs. Tran Tue Tri shared her thoughts at the event: "Building a national brand increases the national pride and value of every Vietnamese person stepping out into the world. I understand that when Vietnam's branding is promoted, the personal value of each Vietnamese is also enhanced and vice versa. I believe every Vietnamese is responsible for understanding the importance of building a national brand and knowing what they can do to fulfill this mission."

In 2022, a Singaporean newspaper mentioned Vietnam as "Asia's Rising Tiger". According to Brand Finance's assessment, Vietnam remains and continues to be ranked in the Top 100 of the world's most substantial national brand values, regardless of market value, the consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic, and the ongoing geopolitical conflicts in the world.

With the bright spots of Vietnam's brand today, we have every right to hope for a solid country brand tomorrow. This is also a golden moment to develop Vietnam's national brand: promote, increase competitive advantages, and attract tourists and foreign investment.

Mrs. Dinh Thanh Huong shared AVSE Global's next steps for constructing Vietnam brand in the near future

Mrs. Dinh Thanh Huong, Managing Director of Projects and Knowledge of AVSE Global, said that building a country brand is a long-term, strategic mission that requires time, patience, and effort from many positions, including the government, the people, and the business community.

If the project is successful, Vietnam can attract more human and financial resources and become a "promised land" for talents, domestic and foreign investors, and the people's pride in being Vietnamese.

With the mission of "building a powerful Vietnam's national brand", Mrs. Huong emphasised two main actions initiated by AVSE Global. Firstly, Vietnam Global Leaders Forum 2023 (VGL 2023) is a program that brings together successful, influential Vietnamese and Vietnamese people of Vietnamese descent to create positive collaboration, awaken the country's potential, and contribute to developing Vietnam and bringing the country's values to compete globally.

The event focuses on the country's essential issues today, such as "How to promote Vietnam's potential?" or "How to protect national strategic interests and affirm Vietnam's position in the region and the world?". The event will be held on June 2023, in Ho Chi Minh City.

The second step is to create Vietnam Brand Purpose, a co-founded organisation between AVSE Global and Purpos.Ant, connecting strategic consulting resources and carrying out activities to build and elevate Vietnam's national brand and made-in-Vietnam brands.

Vietnam's brand is not just an advertisement or a logo design. It is a promise – said to be done, a promise that is truthful, relevant, and pervasive for the Vietnamese brand.

In the process of writing this book, Mrs. Tri has synthesised and analysed many aspects to come up with ideas that she hopes will contribute to creating the promise for Vietnam: "I always expect my dreams to come true, it is the pride to see Vietnam becoming the destination of Innovation, Prosperity, and Happiness".

Furthermore, Mrs. Tri also expressed her desire to accompany AVSE Global, Vietnam Brand Purpose, and related parties to make this dream a reality.


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