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Philipp Rösler (ONLINE),

Honorary Consul of Vietnam to Switzerland

Former Vice-Chancellor of Germany

Chairman of VinaCapital Ventures' Advisory Board 

Philipp Rösler, a German-Vietnamese politician and former Vice-Chancellor of Germany, boasts a remarkable career with several noteworthy milestones.  

In 2009, he became the youngest Health Minister in Germany and the first of Vietnamese descent to hold such a position in Europe.  

In 2011, Rösler made history as the youngest Chairman of the Free Democratic Party (FDP), concurrently serving as Vice Chancellor and Minister of Economics and Technology in the German government.  

In 2014, he founded an investment consulting firm in Switzerland, focusing on enhancing investment collaboration with Southeast Asian nations, particularly Vietnam.  

Rösler further ascended to the role of Managing Director at the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Switzerland in 2014.  

Notably, in 2021, he was appointed as the Honorary Ambassador of Vietnam to Switzerland.  

With over 30 years in the economic sector, Rösler held significant positions in global corporations like Siemens, Deutsche Bahn, and Lufthansa. Presently, he serves as an Independent Member on the Board of Directors at Vietravel Airlines. 

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