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Pham Minh Huong, Vietnam

CEO and Chairlady, VNDIRECT

Former CEO of SSI Securities Corporation 

Ms. Pham Minh Huong's inspiring journey is a testament to resilience and leadership. With a distinguished background in finance, she has made a significant impact on the Vietnamese financial market.  

Transitioning from education to business, her tenure at Citi showcased exceptional talents. As the CEO of SSI Securities, she led the company to outperform competitors.  

The establishment of IPA Investment Company and VNDIRECT Securities reflects her visionary approach. Despite global economic crises and domestic challenges, Ms. Pham Minh Huong's dedication to VNDIRECT remained unwavering. Through innovation and strategic planning, she steered the company to remarkable growth, achieving substantial profits and securing a top position in the brokerage market.  

Ms. Huong's leadership extends to IPA GROUP's comprehensive Health-Wealth-Growth ecosystem, solidifying her legacy as a resilient and visionary leader. Ms. Pham Minh Huong truly embodies the spirit of perseverance that the Citi Alumni award "LEADERSHIP" seeks to recognize. 

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