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Nguyen Hung Son, Poland

Director of the Institute of Computational Science and Artificial Intelligence 

Professor at the University of Warsaw 

TOP 2% of scientists in the world 2021 

Hung Son Nguyen is employed by the University of Warsaw as a professor.  

His primary areas of interest in research are bioinformatics, intelligent multiagent systems, soft computing, pattern recognition, data mining, text mining, and the foundations and applications of rough set theory. On these subjects, he has presented more than 160 research papers at conferences, international journals, and edited books. Over the past ten years, he has also participated in seven industrial and research projects. 

Nguyen Hung Son won second prize in the International Mathematics Competition, was awarded the Prize from the Rector of Warsaw University for scientific research achievements, and received the Best Paper Award (3 times) and is an Honorary Member of the International Rough Set Theory Society. In 2021, Nguyen Hung Son is ranked among the TOP 2% of scientists in the world. 

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