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Founder, “Nuôi em” Project

Forbes 30Under30 Vietnam

Top 10 Inspiring People, WeChoice Awards 2023

Hoang Hoa Trung is the founder of the "Nuôi em" project, a charitable initiative aimed at supporting ethnic minority children in difficult regions. The project has garnered significant attention and support from the community. In addition to this, Trung is known for his involvement in various volunteer activities. 


His "Nuôi Em" ecosystem (2014 - present) has provided lunch for over 95,000 students in difficult and remote areas of Vietnam, Cambodia, and Kenya. His "Ánh sáng núi rừng - Sức mạnh 2000" project (2012-present) has constructed over 500 educational facilities, including schools, bridges for access to education, and happy homes for orphaned ethnic minority students. The project also provides scholarships until the age of 18 and boarding accommodations. 


For his tireless contributions, Trung has received recognition through several awards, including: 

  • Forbes 30Under30 Vietnam (2020) 

  • Outstanding Vietnamese Youth (2019) (Prime Minister's Commendation) 

  • National Volunteer Award 2017 

  • Top 10 I Inspiring People, WeChoice Awards 2023 

  • ASEAN Plus Youth Volunteer Award 2022 

  • NUÔI EM Project: Outstanding Social Project in Asia-Pacific - Awarded by UNESCO Vietnam and the Global Trade and Technology Council of India in August 2023 

Hoang Hoa Trung.jpg

Hoang Hoa Trung, Vietnam

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