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Eric Nguyen, Germany

Business Leaders | Innovative Technical Product Development 
Senior Product owner, Development Expert of SAP, Germany 
Co-Founder & Chief Strategy Officer of  the educational organization IECS, Vietnam  
Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer of AICOMIC, Vietnam 
Member of Vietnam Germany Innovation Network 

Eric Nguyen is a seasoned investor and entrepreneur with a successful track record in product development, fund-raising, and operations. He is Co-founded and served as a board member, advisor, and executive for startups in education, fintech, AI, and IT outsourcing. He is also an executive with C-level operation experience leading innovations and product launch initiatives within government, corporate and startup environments. Eric Nguyen is recognized as a strong team builder, mentor and communicator, and is credited with building world-class data science, data engineering, and product development teams from the ground up multiple times. 

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