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Leading Expert in the Respiratory Field in France and Europe

Professor of Medicine & Respiratory Physiology, The University of Paris

Director of the Clinical Physiology Unit, Department of Thoracic Medicine, Cochin University

Anh Tuan Dinh-Xuan is a researcher, doctor and university professor. He manages the hospital department of Physiology - Practical examinations at Cochin hospital in Paris. His research concerns the physiology of the respiratory system and the physiopathology of pulmonary diseases. 


He is the owner of many medical awards such as the Clinical Research Award - Medical Research Foundation, Paris, France, Excellence in Medical Science Award - Vietnamese American Medical Research Foundation, Los Angeles, USA. 


Despite living and working abroad, he still actively participates in many forums and seminars on medicine in Vietnam, works with domestic hospitals and conducts research to contribute for the development of Vietnamese medicine.

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Dinh Xuan Anh Tuan, France

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