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Daniel Hoai Tien Nguyen, 
United States

Founder of Song Cai Distillery Company 

Contribute to bringing Vietnamese agricultural products to the world 

Daniel Hoai Tien Nguyen has traveled extensively across different regions, from the Mekong Delta to Kon Tum, Lào Cai, Điện Biên, aiding local communities in developing sustainable agricultural chains. His efforts have contributed to the development of sustainable agricultural practices, helping indigenous people bring their products to the global market. 

In 2012, he was a member of the advisory team for a sustainable development project in the Mekong Delta. Returning to Vietnam in 2014, he sought employment opportunities in the field of sustainable agricultural chain development. By 2015, he participated in a community project in North Central Vietnam addressing land and environmental resource management issues.  

Over the years, he has supported ethnic communities in the Northwest in developing indigenous crops. Subsequently, he founded the company Sông Cái, processing liquor made by the local people into exportable products for the United States and other countries. Liquors like Sông Cái and Mẩy have not only won major international awards for beverages but have also showcased Vietnamese brands abroad. This initiative has uplifted the livelihoods of those involved in the project and preserved distinctive crops and valuable genes vulnerable to loss in the highland regions of Vietnam.

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