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Cong Tri, Vietnam

Fashion Designer 

Owner of three luxury fashion brands 

Member of the Asian Fashion Federation 

One of 100 contemporary Couture designers invited by Not Just A Label to participate in the Origin: passion & Belief exhibition 

Nguyen Cong Tri is currently a leading figure in the fashion design industry in Vietnam. He is not only known as a designer but also plays the role of fashion advisor for many domestic fashion, entertainment, and art programs, as well as reality TV shows. He shapes the personal styles of many famous artists in Vietnam. He also takes on the hot seat role in various international design and beauty pageant competitions. 


In the year 2000, he won the idea award in the Collection Grand Prix competition, officially entering the fashion industry and becoming a professional designer. Subsequently, he has won fashion awards such as the "Bay FM" Prize in the Asia Collection Makuhari competition in Japan and the second prize in the Singapore Fashion Connection competition with the collection "The Ascension of Land and Water." 


Pursuing high fashion from the early days, Nguyen Cong Tri has remained steadfast in his choices and has achieved considerable success. He consistently introduces collections that attract attention at any fashion show he participates in. He designs costumes for major celebrities and works on personal projects. 


Currently, he owns three brands: KINconcept, KIN by Nguyen Cong Tri, and Nguyen Cong Tri. KIN is Nguyen Cong Tri's childhood home, and it has now become a reputable brand that extends even to France, gaining popularity among many people. 


He is a member of the Asian Fashion Association and has been invited by the website Not Just A Label to participate in the exhibition Origin: Passion & Belief as one of the 100 contemporary Couture (clothing) designers selected from over 14,000 international designers. 

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