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Celine Nha Nguyen, Vietnam

Chairwoman - Yeti Capital  

Managing Partner- Celigal Law Firm  

The first Vietnamese Woman to summit Mt. Everest 

Celine Nha Nguyen is a talented lawyer with over 13 years of experience in domestic and international investment consultancy, corporate law, real estate, and M&A. She holds two master's degrees in law from Sorbonne University and Panthéon Assas University (France). Currently, she is a Ph.D. law student at the University of Economics and Law (National University of Ho Chi Minh City). Additionally, she serves as a lawyer and managing director at Celigal Law Firm, as well as the president of Yeti Capital investment fund. 

Beyond her legal career, Celine is recognized as the first Vietnamese woman to conquer Mount Everest. She has a passion for mountaineering and has successfully climbed the two highest peaks in Europe and the Pacific Ocean. Her inspiring journey has become a symbol of successful women who pursue their passions wholeheartedly

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