About Us

VGLF Origin

As countries and economies of the world become increasingly connected, value creation through networking is increasingly recognized as a key element in increasing competitiveness. Various countries worldwide, such as China, Israel, the Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, have successfully leveraged common cultural heritage to establish global talent networks which allow them to catalyze economic leapfrogging. Vietnam, with an extensive diaspora network of more than 4 million people in 103 countries and regions worldwide – many of whom have high educational qualifications and are very successful in their respective fields, can explore vast network-value potential to make transformative changes. The project to create a Vietnam Global Leaders Forum (VGLF) will enable the country to unleash this potential by connecting and channeling domestic and global network resources and capitals towards strategic development.

VGLF Concept

Vietnam Global Leaders Forum (VGLF) will be a venue that brings together talented and influential Vietnamese and people with Vietnamese origin from Vietnam and globally, in order to create positive synergies and unleash the country’s potential, contributing to the development of the country. The first VGLF edition will take place on 30-31 March, 2019 in Paris, France. This will be the first step that springboards a national strategy to attract and connect talents worldwide, putting Vietnam en route to an advanced knowledge economy.


In today’s global market economy, a country’s image has a strategic role in maintaining competitive advantages and promoting growth. Beyond economic impetus such as attracting investments and tourists, the ‘right’ country brand can bring about other positive impacts: strengthening diplomatic ties, invigorating the art scene, benefiting citizens overseas. The country brand encompasses all cultural, economic, social aspects, and is reflected in and will affect every one of these aspects – it is the external projection of a country’s goal and vision.

VGL Foundation

This will be a nonprofit professional organization, created to concretize the vision of VGL network, under the supervision of AVSE Global and other VGLF’s Partners.
The operational cost of the 1st and 2nd years is supposed to be supported by Partners and other generous donors.

Starting from the 3rd year, the organization is supposed to be financial self-balanced. The sources of income are identified as:

  • Consulting service for investment-matching opportunities
  • Organization of visits to Vietnam
  • Talent circulation service

The VGL Foundation will start to propose mentoring activities for young leaders and organizer investment trip to Vietnam for potential investors.

VGLF 2019 - The differences

VGLF is not only a forum, it is also a starting point of a strategic plan, based on:

  • Extensive research of successful international experiences
  • Real internal demands of Vietnam

VGLF will not only build a network, but it will also build a strong organization – The VGL Foundation – to run the network:

  • With sufficient human and financial resources
  • With support from the private sector and facilitation from the Vietnamese government

VGLF has well-determined goals, with specific projects/actions and realistic plan to achieve:

  • Regular activities include: mentoring programs, jobs and trainings vacation sharing, salons (invited-only discussion/events), …
  • Targeted projects include: comeback events with investment-matching projects, charity events